Filming in Pakistan

While keeping aside what we have and can offer you in terms of excellent equipments, technicians and services, we can also advice on locations as per your concept /theme/idea even within Pakistan because our own country has numerous beautiful locations as it offers:

  • An extremely favourable exchange rate, so you get better production value at Lower costs.
  • A wide diversity of photogenic urban and rural locations.
  • Long daylight hours in summer and mild winters.
  • International and regional airports and excellent transport infrastructure.
  • Sophisticated hotels and fine restaurants.
  • Mobile telephone networks with international roaming, broadband internet access and video conferencing.
  • Friendly people.
  • Exciting tourist activities and destinations (we can also advice you to how to spend your rest days!)

Synopsis Films will make your tour of filming with us within Pakistan a trip to remember. Well, at time we can act as a guide too and will show you spectacular locations this country enfolds while providing exceptional film and TV production services, technical and creative expertise and outstanding support.
For more information and advice about filming in Pakistan , you know where to find us via email.